A Comparative History of Commerce and Industry, Volume I: by David E. McNabb

By David E. McNabb

A Comparative historical past of trade and undefined, quantity I bargains a subjective overview of the way the cultural, social and financial associations of trade and developed in industrialized international locations to provide the establishment we now comprehend as company enterprise.

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Improvements in communications helped to make business easier to conduct as it also helped to improve the quality of life for many Britons. Publications of all kinds sprang into life during the early 1700s. Many of these lived for a few days or weeks, but others continued for decades (Turner 1952; McNabb 1991). Usually founded with very little capital, the publications were forced to sell advertisements. This development helped to greatly accelerate growth of the country’s already rapidly growing retail distribution system.

Nor could the land be partitioned or fenced. Effects of the Plague Like their counterparts on the European continent, the population of Britain was decimated in the fourteenth century by a series of outbreaks of plague. The first wave hit in 1348 and 1349. This was followed by further attacks in 1361 and again in 1368–69. 5 million. By the end of this tortured century, that population had been halved to number only a little more than two million (Briggs, 1983). This terrible disease, spread by fleas carried on rats, wracked all of Europe of and on until the final outbreak, which occurred in the middle of the seventeenth century.

German traders had traded goods from south of the Alps northward and eastward into the Baltic, Russia, and beyond since before the twelfth century, founding in the process the long-successful Hanseatic League of northern European trading cities. Before then, trading vessels from the great Italian trading states such as Venice and Genoa had dominated European trade around the Mediterranean and the Near East, then shipping it across the Alps northward. With the opening of the New World, however, the direction of European trade shifted from the old north-south focus, giving way to east-west trade with the West Indies, and North and South America.

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