A Reference Grammar of Maithili (Trends in Linguistics: by Ramawatar Yadav

By Ramawatar Yadav

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1999. The pond book: a guide to the management and creation of ponds. The ponds conservation trust, Oxford. 1007/s10750-006-0502-8 EUTROPHICATION IN LAKES Phosphorus dynamics at multiple time scales in the pelagic zone of a large shallow lake in Florida, USA Karl E. Havens Æ Kang-Ren Jin Æ Nenad Iricanin Æ R. V. 2007 Abstract Phosphorus (P) dynamics in large shallow lakes are greatly influenced by physical processes such as wind-driven sediment resuspension, at times scales from hours to years.

This also may be true for some large shallow lakes in lowland areas of Asia. Given that Hurricane Irene had low wind velocities for a tropical storm and did not pass directly over Lake Okeechobee, the impacts summarized here may be in the lower range of what can occur when a tropical storm passes over a large shallow lake. In August and September 2004, for example, three major hurricanes passed over the Florida peninsula, all causing substantial storm surges and resuspension events in Lake Okeechobee.

Maki, 2002. Large-scale mapping and predictive modeling of submerged aquatic vegetation in a shallow eutrophic lake. The Scientific World Journal 2: 949–965. Havens, K. -R. Jin, A. J. Rodusky, B. Sharfstein, M. A. Brady, T. L. East, N. Iricanin, R. T. James, M. C. Harwell & A. D. Steinman, 2001a. Hurricane effects on a shallow lake ecosystem and its response to a controlled manipulation of water level. The Scientific World Journal 1: 44–70. Havens, K. , E. J. Phlips, M. F. Cichra & B. L. Li, 1998.

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