A Social Geography of England and Wales by Richard Dennis

By Richard Dennis

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B. ( 1 9 7 5 ) Nutrition and disease: the case of London, 1 5 5 0 - 1 7 5 0 , Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 6 , 1 - 2 2 . Biddle, M. ( 1 9 7 3 ) The Future of London's Past, Rescue, Worcester. Glass, D . V. ( 1 9 6 6 ) London's inhabitants within the walls, London Record Society Publications, 2, xxxv-xxxvii. Smailes, A. E. ( 1 9 6 4 ) The site, growth and changing face of L o n d o n , in R. ), The Geography of Greater London, George Philip, L o n d o n , pp. 1 - 5 2 . Wrigley, E. A. ( 1 9 6 7 ) A simple model of London's importance in changing English society and e c o n o m y 1 6 5 0 - 1 7 5 0 , Past and Present, 3 7 , 4 4 - 7 0 .

Urban population (a) changes, 45 1951-1971 Metropolitan labour market areas with populations greater than 2 5 0 , 0 0 0 with (1) rapidly increasing, (2) rapidly decreasing populations, 1 9 6 1 - 6 (after Hall, 1 9 7 3 ) . Popn. 0 (1) Luton Reading Leicester Southend Oxford Southampton Coventry (2) Newcastle Manchester Liverpool London (b) County boroughs with populations greater than 1 2 5 , 0 0 0 (approximately equivalent to the inner rings of metropolitan labour market areas) with (1) rapidly increasing, (2) rapidly decreasing populations, 1 9 5 1 - 7 1 .

For the most part 'substantial households' are defined as those with a personal estate of not less than £600 or real estate not less than £50 per year and thus liable to surtax under an Act of 1694. Pre-industrial England 33 A most fruitful area of academic enquiry has involved attempts to explain the internal organization of such settlements. In his classic study entitled The Preindustrial City (1960), Sjoberg examined a wide range of archaeological, documentary and contemporary Third World evidence and argued that pre-industrial cities did not display the same kinds of spatial patterning that are to be found in industrial settlements and have been generated in response to essentially economic processes.

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