Advanced Digital Signal Processing and Noise Reduction, by Saeed V. Vaseghi

By Saeed V. Vaseghi

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In signal classification, the aim is to design a minimum-error system for labelling a signal with one of a number of likely classes of signal. To design a classifier, a set of models is trained for the classes of signals that are of interest in the application. The simplest form that the models can assume is a bank, or code book, of waveforms, each representing the prototype for one class of signals. A more complete model for each class of signals takes the form of a probability distribution function.

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As explained, the flow of electrons is not smooth and there will be random fluctuations in the form of shot of noise. 9) where e = 1 6 × 10−19 C is the electron charge, I is the current and B is the measurement bandwidth. For example, a ‘steady’ current I of 1 A in a bandwidth 1 MHz has an rms fluctuation of 0 57 A. 9) assumes that the charge carriers making up the current act independently. That is the case for charges crossing a barrier, such as, for example, the current in a junction diode, where the charges move by diffusion; however, it is not true for metallic conductors, where there are long-range correlations between charge carriers.

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