Advances in Discrete and Computational Geometry by Chazelle B., Goodman J.E., Pollack R. (eds.)

By Chazelle B., Goodman J.E., Pollack R. (eds.)

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A) Use the model to predict the pressure at the 11,000-ft depth where anglerfish can live. 7 lb/in2, which is the normal air pressure we experience at sea level. Convert your answer in part (a) to atmospheres. How many times greater is the pressure under which anglerfish live than the pressure under which we live? 21. Boiling Point Most high-altitude hikers know that cooking takes longer at higher elevations. com 2009 temperature. The table below gives data for the boiling point of water at different elevations.

From the definition of function we see that two-variable data represent a function if to each value of the input variable there is exactly one value for the output variable. Since the output depends entirely on the input, we call the output variable the dependent variable and the input variable the independent variable. Dependent and Independent Variables 1. A variable y is a function of a variable x if each value of x (the input) corresponds to exactly one value of y (the output). In this case we simply say “y is a function of x” 2.

A) Make a table of values and sketch a graph of the equation. (b) Use the Vertical Line Test to see whether the equation defines y as a function of x. If so, put the equation in function form. 43. y = 2x 2 44. x = 2y 2 47. 3y 3 - x = 0 48. 5y = x 3 46. 1y + 32 2 = x 45. 1y - 2 2 2 = 2x 49–52 ■ A verbal description of a function is given. Find (a) algebraic, (b) numerical, and (c) graphical representations for the function. 49. ” 50. ” 51. The amount of sales tax charged in Lemon County on a purchase of x dollars.

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