Advances in Natural Gas Technology by H. Al-Megren

By H. Al-Megren

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It is composed of several segments, which have undergone several major earthquakes during the twentieth century. , 2003). ). After its reconnection with the Mediterranean about 12 kyr 14C BP the sea level in the Sea of Marmara rose in tandem with the global ocean. The mixing of the anoxic lake deep water and oxygenated marine surface water caused the precipitation of authigenic carbonates (Reichel and Halbach, 2007). A sapropelic sediment layer was deposited between 11,500 and 7,000 yr BP under suboxic bottom water conditions.

1988). a) The non-linearity of the curve is indicative of mixing between thermogenic and microbial gases. b) Comparison between the Western High gases and three natural-gas fields of the Thrace basin. , 2005). One can also see that the projected pure thermogenic methane of all gases matches with the thermogenic methane from the KMarmara natural gas. Thus, we believe that a portion of the methane of all the natural-gas seeps presented here comes from the same source rather than the K-Marmara natural gas, namely the Hamitabat formation.

The expelled fluid is diverted into a holding tank. Because the well is not yet on production, this operation requires that the gas be burned-off or flared. The water being pushed out of the well by gas pressure is called flowback fluid, and the flow of liquid can persist intermittently for weeks. Once the gas production begins after the initial discharge of flowback fluid, a production wellhead is installed along with a gas meter and connector line, and the gas is sold to a transmission company.

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