Advances in Old Frisian Philology. (Amsterdamer Beitrage zur by Rolf H. Jr. Bremmer, Stephan Laker, Oebele Vries

By Rolf H. Jr. Bremmer, Stephan Laker, Oebele Vries

Like its predecessors, facets of previous Frisian Philology (1990) and techniques to previous Frisian Philology (1998), Advances in outdated Frisian Philology combines contributions by way of experts of medieval Frisian reviews with papers by way of overseas experts from adjoining fields who've been invited for the party to deliver their services to the self-discipline of previous Frisian. jointly, the various ways significantly enhance our wisdom of and perception into numerous facets of outdated Frisian philology.

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8 Introduced pleonastically into clauses in which some element other than the subject is emphasised by the addition of thet. B. Several erroneous forms. 10 In indirect questions. 1300): A ‘Veritable Mixtum Compositum’ Rolf H. Bremmer Jr 0. INTRODUCTION The Old Frisian that has come down to us in medieval manuscripts written in the terra Rustringa / Rustringorum or Riostringalond differs in some remarkable ways from the Old Frisian as we know it from contemporary or near-contemporary sources originating from other Frisian regions.

Consequently, it is only reasonable to assign no older status or date to Riustring Old Frisian than that it faithfully reflects the language as it was around 1300. Van Helten’s commonsensical yardstick for the age of the language of the various Old Frisian manuscripts still holds true: ‘Für das alter dieser mundarten ist wohl das alter der mss. als ungefährer massstab anzunehmen’. Certain manuscripts, according to van Helten, might exhibit signs of conservatism in their orthography, but sometimes it is hard to decide whether particular features are indicative of a given time or, alternatively, characteristic of a dialect.

Neder (11) nether (1) ‘down’ av. daer (1) ‘where’ conj. 8 tho (9), do (3) ‘then’ av. tho (32), do (1) ‘when’ conj. ende (13), en (10), end (124), ent (1) ‘and’ conj. binnan (2) ‘within, inside’ prep. bowen (1), bouen (1) ‘above, over’ prep. neut. 2pl. 1pl. 1 27 Regular na(e)t (35), naut (7) nitha (1) ther (4) thet (114) thet (23) tha (44) tha (70), da (2)9 and (231), ande (3), an (7) binna (11) boppe (1) hot (14) thet (129) i (10), j (29) hia (77), hja (4), hio (1) ws (1), wsa (2), usa (1), wse (6), user (1), wser (2), use (1) Note that himel ‘heaven’ and himelsch ‘heavenly’ always have (Frisian) -i- in the Riim.

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