An Aramaic Wisdom Text From Qumran: A New Interpretation Of by Henryk Drawnel Sdb

By Henryk Drawnel Sdb

The real theoretical measurement of this publication is the refinement of the concept that of the sojourner take into consideration the migrants' payment levels. even if the sociological that means of the sojourner vis-a-vis settler has no longer been sufficiently mentioned within the social clinical zone, the transforming into importance of sojourning foreigners shouldn't be overlooked. a part of the booklet illustrates the attribute styles of inhabitants routine from Japan to Australia by way of analysing statistical info. the result from the vast study, together with in depth fieldwork carried out in Melbourne, portrays the uniqueness of the japanese group dwelling there. This paintings will give a contribution to sociology of migration and cultural alternate programme and multi-national company that seeks to higher comprehend the unavoidable transformation when it comes to quite a few styles of foreign migration and the emergence of recent sorts of city ethnicity.

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Parchment. 5 × 29 cm, ff. 275. Each side of the folium has two columns of forty lines in each column. It has been assigned siglum e in the critical edition of the Testaments by Charles 1908a: XI; the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs are found on ff. –221r. and ff. –229r. For the eleventh century minuscule handwriting, see Thompson 1912: 232–245. The Testaments are preceded by a patristic work, ÉAntiÒxou monaxoË ÉHyiko‹ lÒgoi. They are followed by the Benedictio Iacobi in XII filios suos (Gen 48:8–50:26) on ff.

This order of events is also found in T. Levi 6:3–7:4 (Shechem incident) and T. Levi 11–13 (life story and wisdom exhortations). The right margin of the Bodleian recto side has been damaged (column a, column d on the verso side) so that it immediately starts with the beginning of each line without any right side margin. Lines 14–19 of the column a (recto) and d (verso) are damaged. The left margin of the recto side (column b) and right margin of the verso side (column c) are well preserved. They contain several incised horizontal lines that extend to the margin (col.

Judging from the shape of the "àlep and làmed, Stone and Greenfield (1996a: 24) exclude the fragment from the Document. Although the decipherment of the fragment in the present work is different, I agree with their conclusion but for a different reason. The fragment cannot be connected with any possible context in the Aramaic work. D. D. D. 25–30). The verbal form in line 3 indicates that somebody is addressing his audience in the second person plural. Since, in the context of the Document, that may have happened only in Levi’s speech to his children, the fragment has been located at the end of the fragmentary evidence of 4Q213 3–6, which contains Levi’s address to his priestly posterity.

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