An Introduction to Mathematical Biology by Linda J.S. Allen

By Linda J.S. Allen

KEY BENEFIT: This reference introduces quite a few mathematical types for organic platforms, and offers the mathematical conception and methods necessary in studying these versions. fabric is prepared in accordance with the mathematical thought instead of the organic program. comprises functions of mathematical concept to organic examples in every one bankruptcy. makes a speciality of deterministic mathematical versions with an emphasis on predicting the qualitative answer habit over the years. Discusses classical mathematical versions from inhabitants , together with the Leslie matrix version, the Nicholson-Bailey version, and the Lotka-Volterra predator-prey version. additionally discusses more moderen types, equivalent to a version for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus - HIV and a version for flour beetles. KEY MARKET: Readers seeking an effective historical past within the arithmetic at the back of modeling in biology and publicity to a wide selection of mathematical types in biology.

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An Introduction to Mathematical Biology

KEY gain: This reference introduces various mathematical versions for organic structures, and offers the mathematical concept and methods invaluable in interpreting these types. fabric is prepared in keeping with the mathematical thought instead of the organic software. includes purposes of mathematical concept to organic examples in every one bankruptcy.

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