Application of Optimal Control Theory to Enhanced Oil by W. Fred Ramirez

By W. Fred Ramirez

In recent times, more suitable oil restoration strategies have acquired a lot awareness within the oil undefined. stronger oil restoration equipment could be divided into 3 significant different types: thermal procedures which come with steam flooding, steam stimulation, and in-situ combustion; chemical tactics which come with surfactant-polymer injection, polymer flooding, and caustic flooding; and miscible displacement tactics which come with miscible hydrocarbon displacement, carbon dioxide injection of enormous quantities of relatively dear fluids into oil bearing reservoir formations. advertisement program of any better oil restoration strategy depends financial projections that exhibit a good go back at the funding. due to excessive chemical expenditures, you will need to optimize stronger oil restoration methods to supply the best restoration on the lowest chemical injection expense. the purpose of this ebook is to boost an optimum keep an eye on idea for the decision of working thoughts that maximize the commercial reputation of better oil restoration methods. The decision of optimum keep an eye on histories or working suggestions is without doubt one of the key parts within the winning utilization of recent improved oil restoration recommendations. the knowledge inside the booklet will consequently be either attention-grabbing and important to all these operating in petroleum engineering, petroleum administration and chemical engineering.

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The spatial boundary of the problem is denoted as 52. The time variable is t and is contained in the interval [O,tfl where tf < 0 0 . 1-4) represent:; the boundary domain contributions performance functional represents the volume domain contributions performance functional to the to the Fundamental Concepts The optimal control problem is concerned with finding the extrema of specified functionals. In this section we will introduce the fundamental concepts that define a functional, properties of functionals, and variational concepts needed for extremizing functionals.

I . , 1976. Enhanced Oil Recovery--An Analysis o f the Potential f o r Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques from Known Fields in the United States--1976 to 2000, National Petroleum Council. Lake, L. W . , and P o p e , G . A . , 1979. "Status of Micellar/Polymer Field Tests," Pet. , 51, N o . 13, 38. Longman G r o u p Limited, 1984. 1984 Financial Times Oil and Gas International Year Book, Westgate House, England. Schumacher, M . M . , e d . , 1980. Enhanced Recovery o f Residual and Heavy Oils, Second Edition, Noyes Data Corporation, Park Ridge, New Jersey.

007 CO,il (1 - e (ri+ra-ro) - $84,315 CO,il ( r i + ra -r 9 ) - ( r i + r -r ) t a 0 (1 - e )I per 40 acres -(ri+ra-r )t (1-28) per 40 acres To complete the specification of the injection costs terms, we need to specify the current oil price, CO,il, the final slug injection time, t,, the discount rate f o r investment, r a , the inflation discount rate, r i , and the oil price inflation rate, T o . We will use a current oil price of $25 per barrel, and the discount rate for investment has been chosen t o be 8%.

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