Art and Architecture of the Synagogue in Late Antique by David Milson

By David Milson

This research is a re-examination of the influence of Christian paintings and structure on synagogues in overdue old Palestine, focussing on gains universal to either church buildings and synagogues. Why did radical adjustments look in Jewish paintings and structure in the course of a interval of festival with Christians?

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20 For a concise evaluation of the development of archaeological method in Palestine: Moorey, 1981, esp. ch. 2, 20ff. 21 For Israeli scholars upholding this dating, see: Tsafrir, 1981b; published in English as: Tsafrir, 1995a; and also Tsafrir, 1989 and Foerster, 1989b. indd 23 10/17/2006 3:47:02 PM 24 chapter one Jews and the rise of the Jewish Patriarchate. The theory quickly gained scholarly approval. e. 22 However, an increasing number of excavations from the late 1920’s and 1930’s uncovered synagogue buildings unlike the Galilean type.

2. ‘Normative Judaism’ and the forbidden image At this point we must consider a general theory regarding Jews and Judaism in the first centuries of our era. In 1927, Moore’s seminal work discussed the character of Judaism from the first century on. According to Moore, the reason that Judaism alone outlasted all the pagan religions is because:7 … it succeeded in achieving a unity of belief and observance among Jews in all their wide dispersion then and since. The danger of a widening gulf between Aramaic speaking Jews and Greek speaking Jews… was completely overcome.

He believed that as a consequence of the 3 4 5 6 7 Steadman, 1979, 78. ibid, 83. Levine, 1981a, 10. Baumgarten, 1997, 11-18; Miller, 1999, 60. Moore, 1927, 109. indd 19 10/17/2006 3:47:01 PM 20 chapter one destruction of the Temple, Jewish sectarianism ceased. This means that when the Pharisees gathered together in Yavneh after the fall of Jerusalem, a new orthodoxy was formed, excluding all others. The Sadducees (the priestly class), not having a Temple, no longer had a livelihood. The Essenes disappeared after the war, and the Christians were excommunicated.

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